Lammy – Defeat of PM’s Brexit deal means People’s Vote is the only way forward - People's Vote

Lammy – Defeat of PM’s Brexit deal means People’s Vote is the only way forward

Responding to the crashing defeat of the Government on its Brexit deal tonight, David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham and a leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said:

“The Government’s Brexit plan has been defeated, and Parliament has decisively reasserted itself over what has been a failed Brexit process. This vote will offer hope to young people, to those already struggling to pay the bills who are worried about looming economic disaster, and to the millions of people across the country who hope that this national crisis can now be averted.

“With the clock ticking ever louder amid an ever-growing crisis, further negotiation is pointless. Instead, there is only one way forward – to hand the final decision back to the British public through a People’s Vote. This is not the time for further pussyfooting around or hesitation by Labour. Our supporters and members now need the opposition to act. If we cannot secure a General Election, Labour should honour the next stage of our conference policy and start actively campaigning - with people of all parties and of none - to give the public the final say.

“Nor is there time or appetite for another round of fantasy Brexit in which all kinds of false promises are made only to flake apart in negotiations. Whether it is a Conservative government or a Labour government, there is no form of Brexit that can fulfil the promises made, that is better than the deal we’ve got inside Europe or that will prevent this crisis going on forever. Supporters of other forms of Brexit now need to be honest about them, before we are due to leave the EU, so that people know the consequences of each.

“When they are examined in detail, I am confident that a People’s Vote – for all the difficulties that are involved – will emerge as the best option for the future of our country."