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Lammy – Boris Johnson doesn’t have the guts to face the people

Boris Johnson, the current front-runner to become the next Prime Minister, has been notable by his absence on the public stage for several weeks. He hasn’t given any major broadcast interviews since the leadership campaign began, he has conducted just one national newspaper interview and most of his significant interventions in the race have been delivered through his £275,000-a-year column in the Daily Telegraph.

Commenting, David Lammy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Boris Johnson wants to force a destructive No Deal on our country, but he doesn’t have the guts to face the people.

“His reluctance to appear in public or to answer questions about his dangerous Brexit proposals suggests he wants to win this contest by speaking only to the membership of the Conservative Party rather than the other 65 million people of the United Kingdom who will have to live the consequences.

“Saying nothing, other than through a lucrative column in the Telegraph, is no way for a potential prime minister to conduct themselves. The country is crying out for leadership, not cowardice.

“Forcing No Deal on the country would be outrageously undemocratic, would hurt the poorest first and worst and would guarantee the Brexit crisis just goes on and on. If Boris Johnson believes otherwise, it’s time he faced the country and explained himself.

“And when he does, he should admit that the only way to deliver a stable and lasting settlement to the Brexit crisis he helped create is to let the public have the final say.”