Labour Frontbencher joins People’s Vote campaign

Labour Frontbencher joins People’s Vote campaign

The Labour frontbench MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has become the latest high-profile shadow minister to declare their support for the People’s Vote campaign.

Allin-Khan, the MP for Tooting and Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport who has this week been named newcomer MP of the Year, made the decision to back the People’s Vote campaign after receiving overwhelming numbers of letters, emails and calls from constituents who want the MP to support a People’s Vote if the government’s deal is rejected by Parliament. In Dr Allin-Khan's Tooting Brexit Poll, 90% of respondents backed giving the public a final say.

The announcement comes after similar moves by fellow Labour shadow ministers Steve Reed – the MP for Croydon, and Roberta Blackman-Woods – the MP for City of Durham, who both endorsed the idea of putting the issue back to the country in a People’s Vote if the Government’s deal is defeated in the Commons.


Speaking at a rally to thousands of People’s Vote and Best for Britain supporters held at the Excel Centre in East London today, Allin-Khan said:

“I launched a local Brexit Poll, asking people to give me their views on the Brexit deal and today, I published the results - 90% of local people want a People's Vote.

"Parliament has a decision to make in the next few days which will alter the course of history for the UK, for us and for our children. The current Government is run on confidence and supply, but let’s be straight – confidence is in very short supply. 

"Let's end the economic uncertainty, let's end the fear mongering - and let's have a campaign on the facts. If calls for a General Election are rejected - I'll be backing a People's Vote."



Notes to editors:

Rosena voted against triggering Article 50 back in 2017, breaking the Labour whip.

Over 2,500 local people completed the online Tooting Brexit Poll:

  • 90.1% of respondents want a People’s Vote/Second Referendum
  • 7% support the Government’s proposed deal.
  • 6% support a No Deal Brexit.
  • 97.5% believe our NHS will be worse off after Brexit.
  • 96.9% believe living standards will drop as a result of Brexit.


Dr Rosena Allin-Khan is the Labour Member of Parliament for Tooting, South-West London. Dr Allin-Khan is the Shadow Minister for Sport. Dr Allin-Khan was named Newcomer MP of the Year at the Patchwork Awards on 5th December 2018.