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Kyle – there must be a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal

Speaking in advance of a briefing he and Phil Wilson MP are giving at the Foreign Press Association today (Friday), Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of  a People’s Vote and co-sponsor of the “Kyle – Wilson” confirmatory vote proposal, said:

“There are still reasons to be sceptical that Boris Johnson is serious about trying to get a Brexit deal. There are even better reasons to be worried about any deal Boris Johnson agrees.

“That’s because the Brexit he wants to force on Britain will open the door to an attack on workers’ rights, on health and safety and on environmental protection.

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit will be bad for Northern Ireland, even if he does agree a deal. It will destabilise the peace process and foster distrust and fear in one community or both,  as well as making trade East – West or North – South, or in both directions, more cumbersome.

“It will be a Brexit designed by the right, delivered by the right and focused on the right’s priorities of deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy and orientation away from our biggest market and towards Donald Trump. Far from ‘getting Brexit done’,’ it would only be the start of a decade long negotiation on trade and security arrangements where Britain will be in a weaker position than ever.

“All of this is a million miles away from what was promised in 2016. Supporters of Johnson’s Brexit can afford to be reckless. It will be the rest of us who pay the price.

“That is why, if Europe’s leaders cut a deal with Johnson, they must build in time for such a deal to be approved in a confirmatory referendum by all the people of the UK. Understandably, they do not want to interfere in our domestic politics. But a Prime Minister who has yet to win a single vote in the House of Commons cannot be allowed to get away with presenting the choice as leaving with his shoddy deal on 31 October or crashing out with No Deal on that date.

“One of the EU’s missions is to uphold democracy. In this case that will require insisting that, if our Parliament votes for it – as I believe it will – we have the time needed to conduct a confirmatory referendum.”