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Kyle – People’s Vote is the only solution to this mess

Commenting on the Government’s failure to announce a date for debate on the proposed Withdrawal Agreement Bill, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“There is no majority in Parliament for any Brexit that does not explicitly include ratification by the people. That is why the Government have once again had to retreat.

“Instead of taking the opportunity provided by the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to reach out across the House and build a majority based on this principle of the people having the final say, the Government came forward with a re-hashed version of her deal without a clear commitment to a People’s Vote.

“That satisfied nobody, and the result has been to deepen divisions inside the Conservative Party and to intensify the gridlock in Westminster.

“With a week of recess now to come, ministers have the opportunity to reconsider their mistake and recognise that the only solution to the current mess is to hand this decision back to the people. That means putting a commitment to hold a People’s Vote squarely on the face of the Bill.

“If Ministers commit to that I am confident there will be a majority in the House of Commons for the Bill and we will take a huge step towards resolving the Brexit crisis once and for all.”