Kyle – Norway deal would leave Britain as permanent rule takers - People's Vote

Kyle – Norway deal would leave Britain as permanent rule takers

Responding to the launch of a Norway-plus campaign for Brexit, Peter Kyle the Labour MP for Hove and a leading supporter of the People’s Vote, said:

“As someone who previously voted for the 'Norway model', I feel well placed to say that this ship sailed some time ago. There are lots of aspects to a Norway type deal that are appealing, particularly to MPs and voters who backed Remain in 2016. But in 2019 it’s now clear there is no form of Brexit, including this one, that can fulfil all the promises made for it. And there is no Brexit deal, even this one, that is as good as the deal we’ve got inside the EU.

“At this late stage, it’s really important that MPs level with the public about the reality of Brexit. The truth is that a Norway deal that keeps the U.K. inside the Single Market would not allow us to end freedom of movement let alone take back control. Instead, it would leave Britain, one of the great economic powers, as permanent rule takers with our faces pressed against the glass trying to influence laws we must follow over which we once had a voice, a veto and a vote.

“Some people believe the Norway model is as simple as signing up to Netflix, it isn't. Negotiations would be as complex as the last two years and result in the same challenges. Norway shadows the ECJ, it pays more fees into EU countries as part of its settlement per capita than Britain currently does for full membership, and Norway is very honest about the downside of taking rules whilst having little influence over their making.”