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Kyle - Liam Fox is shrinking Britain’s global ambitions

Liam Fox will use a speech today to claim Britain can be a  "21st Century exporting superpower" post Brexit, but has quietly downgraded Britain’s previous £1 trillion export target to just over £715 billion.

Responding, Peter Kyle MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Instead of setting the UK’s sights high, Liam Fox’s new target actually downgrades the UK’s export targets from the £1 trillion target set by George Osborne when he was chancellor.

“By jeopardising Britain’s trade and exports to the European Union in favour of uncertain and unpredictable future gains, Liam Fox is playing roulette with Britain’s manufacturers and exporters. Turning your back on neighbours when they also happen to be your most reliable partners will become a ‘trade strategy’ people will point to with incredulity for generations to come.

“British exports are at a record high but the uncertainty caused by a bad deal or no deal on Brexit puts all that at risk. Far from being a future superpower, Liam Fox and his fellow Brextremists are shrinking our global ambition and the risk of leaving the Single Market and Customs Union will be far more damaging than any fantasy gains dreamt up by ministers. The chaos and uncertainty of Liam Fox’s bad deal or no deal Brexit is why we need a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal to let the people take back control.”