Justine Greening backs a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal - People's Vote

Justine Greening backs a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal

Justine Greening tonight becomes the latest big-hitter in politics to back a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal.

The Government’s Chequers car crash cannot command majority support in Parliament nor can any of the other proposals floating around Westminster.

More and more people from all parties and from none are now concluding that the only way to fix this mess is to give the British people their democratic right to a People’s Vote.


Writing in The Times the former Cabinet minister says:

I wanted the prime minister’s Chequers agreement to be a workable compromise. It is clear it is not. Leavers are right. Having read the detail, this deal is a fudge I can’t support. It’s the worst of both worlds. In places such as Rotherham, where I grew up, 68 per cent of people voted to Leave and I understand why. My friends and family were voting for long overdue change, but this deal won’t deliver that …

Even with a free vote on the final deal in parliament, it still means that in every constituency — mine was mainly Remain — there will inevitably be people disenfranchised by their MP’s vote, despite Brexit shaping all our lives for decades to come. That’s unacceptable. The only solution is to take the final Brexit decision out of the hands of deadlocked politicians, away from the backroom deals, and give it back to the people.