Jones – More bad news to come while Brexit crisis continues - People's Vote

Jones – More bad news to come while Brexit crisis continues

Commenting on Honda’s announcement of the closure of its Swindon factory, Darren Jones MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Whatever the specific circumstances that led to today’s terrible news from Honda in Swindon, the reality is that such decisions could be repeated across the country in the coming months if the drift and indecision on Brexit continues.

“The likelihood of new barriers to trade post-Brexit, and the continued risk of a no deal crash-out in October, mean advanced manufacturers are being deterred from investing in the UK. It is now essential that the Government acts to bring clarity and give the country a roadmap out of the mess.

“As it is plain that no Brexit deal will pass through the House of Commons without cross-party support and that such support will not come without a commitment to a confirmatory public vote, the only solution to this crisis is a People’s Vote.

“Now that we know any Brexit will break the promises made in 2016, will leave us worse off and drive jobs overseas, it’s only fair and democratic the decision is handed back to the people.”