Johnson plans to break every promise he made in 2016 - People's Vote

Johnson plans to break every promise he made in 2016

Responding to the UK government’s letter to the European Commission on proposed changes to the Withdrawal Agreement, Mary Creagh MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said: 

“Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal breaks every promise he made to people in the referendum campaign and the solemn promises we made to the people of Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, in the Good Friday Agreement.

“The Vote Leave campaign which he led in 2016 promised a ‘good deal’ that would keep frictionless trade and would keep European protections for workers, for health and safety and for the environment. Now he plans customs barriers in Ireland and at ports around the UK and no level playing field on regulation. Instead, we are to become the bargain basement of Europe, with the worst paid workers relying on minimum wage laws, with the lowest taxes for the wealthy, and a return to being the dirty man of Europe where polluters from home and abroad can dump their waste.

“In Northern Ireland, the promises in the Good Friday Agreement would be broken and hope replaced by fear at the hands of a prime minister who knows little of the complexities of the peace process and cares even less. Businesses would be left trapped inside two economic borders and the future of every citizen is to be subject to the DUP’s veto, despite that party polling less than a quarter of the votes there.

“Boris Johnson cannot be allowed to force this deal on our country. Nor can he be allowed to cut and run to a general election that would only deepen divisions without offering clarity or closure. Only a People’s Vote, with a choice between staying in the EU and whatever form of Brexit is agreed by Parliament offers a fair and democratic way of settling this question.”