Johnson looking like a law-breaker desperate for a loophole lawyer - People's Vote

Johnson looking like a law-breaker desperate for a loophole lawyer

Speculation about what trickery or manoeuvres Downing Street might use to escape from the legal obligation to ask for an extension to the Brexit deadline has continued – with mechanisms such as using the powers of medieval monarchs to overturn the law or declaring a bogus state of emergency to give ministers the temporary authority to strike down the law of the land all under discussion in recent days.

Commenting, Tonia Antionazzi MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

The law is crystal clear. If Boris Johnson cannot get a deal in Brussels and cannot get Parliamentary backing for No Deal, he is required to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October.

“He says he will respect and obey the law and yet also says he intends to force us out of the EU ‘do or die’ on 31 October. Both things cannot be true and the feverish speculation in the press is about which relic of absolute monarchy or eighteenth century arcania Johnson and his team in the No 10 laager intend to use get them out of their fix.

Every day, Boris Johnson looks more and more like one of the privileged rich who hires a loophole lawyer to escape from speeding fines or avoiding penalty points that other people have to pay.

People expect the prime minister to respect both the letter and the spirit of the law, not to find ways to get round the clearly expressed will of our democratically-elected legislature.

Boris Johnson has always believed the rules apply to other people and not to him. Well, he’s wrong – the people, parliament and ultimately the courts will expect and demand he follows the rules and he’d be much better off facing up to that reality and looking for a democratic way out of the Brexit crisis.

And the one way that is fair, democratic and certain to work is to have a final say referendum. Unlike an election, a final say referendum it is guaranteed to deliver a clear verdict and unlike medieval trickery it will be democratic. And by bringing closure to the Brexit mess it will help to restore respect in our country and our institutions.

And it offers a way to start healing the divisions in society that Johnson and his fanatical team have spent this week stirring up. A People’s Vote is the only way forward that works for our country.”