Immigration changes promise chaos, cruelty and confusion - People's Vote

Immigration changes promise chaos, cruelty and confusion

Following confirmation today by the Government that rules allowing EU nationals to live and work freely in the UK will end in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, Jo Stevens MP, a leading supporter of a People’s Vote said:  

“Following a weekend of revelations about what the calamity of a No Deal exit from the European Union would really look like, the Government has tried to shift attention by talking tough on immigration.

“But half-baked plans to immediately end freedom of movement will be a massive blow to British people working on the Continent, to the thousands of businesses that rely on EU nationals and those workers themselves, who make an enormous contribution to our economy and our society.

“It is a recipe for the kind of chaos, cruelty and confusion that could dwarf the Windrush scandal and further trash the Britain’s hard-earned reputation as an open and welcoming place to work and do business.

“The more we see of this Government’s hard-right Brexit agenda, the more obvious it becomes that it is a project which is alien to our traditions as a nation and an affront to our democracy.”