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Huq – No deal papers will show "Brexit turning into a disaster for our country"

The Government will tomorrow publish a series of Brexit impact assessments regarding the practical consequences of crashing out of the EU without a deal.

Commenting, Rupa Huq MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“What we’re hearing this week from the Government is the admission that Brexit is not only a mess – it’s turning into a disaster for our country. The reason why people are talking about what might happen with a ‘no deal’ scenario is because of the failure of the Government to come up with a workable solution to the basic problems of Brexit.

“Two years ago we were promised that we could have full immigration control, more money for the NHS and public services while maintaining the “exact same benefits” in our trade with Europe – put simply, that we could have our cake and eat it.

“It’s now clear we can’t. We now know the Government’s proposal means we will pay a £50 billion divorce bill, that Brexit will cost the NHS money and Brexit’s champions in Westminster have shown themselves shallow, short-sighted and self-serving.

“That’s why more and more people, from every region and nation, from all walks of life, are demanding a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal or the outcome of negotiations.”