Huq – Comments by French Europe minister show Chequers is an unworkable fantasy - People's Vote

Huq – Comments by French Europe minister show Chequers is an unworkable fantasy

The French Europe minister, Nathalie Loiseau, spoke in London today and dismissed key elements of the Government’s Chequers proposal.

In particular, she highlighted the proposed ‘facilitated customs arrangement’ as highly vulnerable to fraud.


Commenting, Rupa Huq MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The message from France’s Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau to Theresa May could hardly have been clearer: a blindfold Brexit remains unacceptable to France and that the French government expect the British to offer serious answers on customs and Northern Ireland at the very least.

“Theresa May’s Chequers car crash plan is based on a customs proposal that everyone knows is unworkable fantasy. The only issue has been whether the EU27 would ignore that and let Mrs May get away with a blindfolded Brexit next March with the claim it could be fixed later. The answer from France is a definitive ‘non’.

“Once again we are confronted with the truth: the Brexit elite in Westminster have mismanaged Brexit from the start and all we have left is a shambles and a countdown clock rapidly running down. Mrs May cannot fix the mess and Jacob Rees-Mogg would make it worse. The one way out is a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal and the demands for that are growing louder and more insistent by the day.

“And the good news here is that Minister Loiseau indicated that the French government would be open to extending the Article 50 process to allow a People’s Vote to take place.”