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Huq – “Calculated insult” to India exposes Brexit falsehoods

A relaxation of student visa rules will cover 26 countries including China, Thailand and Cambodia but will not cover India. 

It has previously been reported that the objections of the then British Home Secretary, Theresa May, wrecked attempts to conclude a trade deal between the EU and India.


Commenting, Rupa Huq MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The Brextremists keep telling us we should leave the EU so we can do a trade deals with countries, such as India, with rapidly growing economies.

“But the principal reason that the EU does not have a trade deal with India already is because Theresa May as Home Secretary refused to consider visa relaxations.

“And today her Government has delivered what can only be seen as a calculated insult to India by refusing to include it in a relaxation of visa rules for students.

“All those who voted for Brexit in the hope of having immigration rules that were more open to economic migration from India have got their answer today: there is no chance of that happening with this Government and this Brexit.

“As the broken promises mount up and as the Government make an ever-bigger mess of the negotiations and of our relations with countries both inside and outside the EU, the demand for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal will grow louder and louder. Brexit is a big deal but it’s not a done deal.”



Notes to editors

For reference to Mrs May’s previous role in scuppering a trade deal with India see, for instance, this: