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Hain – MPs should be ashamed of Backstop vote

The House of Commons last night voted to send the Prime Minister back to Brussels to attempt a re-negotiation of the Irish ‘Backstop’.

Commenting, Lord (Peter) Hain, former Northern Ireland secretary and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, stated:

“Every MP who voted last night to play games with the Irish peace process should be ashamed of themselves.

“Their votes demonstrated they either don’t understand the complexities of Northern Ireland or, if they do, they just don’t care. The message – that the Good Friday Agreement, open borders, mutual respect for identity – are all up for slaughter on the altar of Brexit, could not have been clearer.

“Labour MPs who backed the Brady amendment or abstained on it without good reason should feel particularly ashamed. Bringing peace to Northern Ireland was a signature achievement of the last Labour government and to sell that so cheaply to a Prime Minister more concerned at holding her own party together than standing up for the national interest really is appalling.

“It is not too late, though, to make up for these mistakes.

“In two weeks the Prime Minister will return to Parliament, and MPs should then reject a no deal Brexit and instead stand with the people of Northern Ireland – the majority of whom rejected Brexit in 2016 and still do today – and support a People’s Vote.