Grieve – still time for the Conservative Party to back a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Grieve – still time for the Conservative Party to back a People’s Vote

Commenting on last night’s cross-party victory of opponents of a No Deal Brexit, Dominic Grieve MP said:

“MPs from all parties have united to deliver Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic No Deal strategy a second and, I hope, decisive blow. We have approved in principle the Bill that will force him to obey our elected Parliament rather than force a disastrous No Deal on the country.

“By forcing the Prime Minister to take instruction from the elected House of Commons, MPs are responding to the will of the people. The voters, by a large margin, see Boris Johnson’s behaviour in suspending Parliament as profoundly anti-democratic. The public do not believe that No Deal was what people voted for in 2016 and there is no more a majority for No Deal in country than there is in Parliament.

“No Deal would be bad for business, bad for our security, bad for our influence. As a Conservative I have no regrets about voting against it and I am proud so many of my colleagues joined me in putting the national interest ahead of any personal or party consideration. 

“There is still time for the Conservative Party to recognise that the only legitimate and democratic route out of this crisis is to give put the decision on Brexit back to the people in a final say referendum. A general election fought on Brexit could once again deliver a hung Parliament and so only prolong the delay. Going ahead with the Prime Minister’s plan will mean years more of negotiation and uncertainty in a never-ending Brexit. Now that we know what Brexit really means it is only fair and reasonable to seek closure on this whole crisis by asking the people clearly and directly if they want it to go ahead or else stay in the EU with our current deal as members.”