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Grieve – Prime Minister still playing games over Brexit

The Prime Minister has delivered a statement to Parliament today, setting out her plan to allow the House of Commons to vote for an Article 50 extension if her deal is again rejected by MPs.

Responding, Dominic Grieve MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“The Prime Minister has now accepted that, after two-and-a-half years of negotiations that have not produced a deal that can command a majority in Parliament, she is likely to have request an extension of the Brexit deadline. But a temporary extension does not rule out a no deal Brexit , it merely moves the cliff-edge back a few weeks

“Another cycle of humiliating negotiations and still more deadlock cannot be the answer when there is no form of Brexit that meets the promises of 2016, is as good as the deal we’ve got inside the EU, or can provide clarity for the future.

“Instead, Parliament needs the time and space to consider proposals now supported by MPs from all parties for a new public vote because it would be wrong to force Brexit on the British people without giving them the final say.

“Playing games over the length of such an extension to stop a People’s Vote or tie the hands of MPs will, rightly, be seen as further evidence of a rigid approach to Brexit that has resulted in this spiralling crisis. The Prime Minister should not seek to use the European Parliamentary elections as an excuse for not allowing  a public vote. It is entirely democratic to have such a vote and it is becoming more and more important that one should take place.”