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Grieve – Penny dropping for a growing number of MPs over final say referendum before election

Commenting on the Supreme Court’s ruling, Dominic Grieve MP, co-chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

“Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court shows that the Prime Minister’s undemocratic attempts to ram his plans for No Deal through are continuing to fail. But the crisis in our democracy has not been ended by this decision. Instead, it gives all of us an opportunity to pull our country back from the dangerous cliff-edge where Boris Johnson’s reckless and relentless pursuit of the hardest possible form of Brexit has taken us.

“I believe the penny has dropped for a growing number of MPs that the only legitimate way of solving this crisis is to allow the people to decide, now that we know  so much more about what Brexit would mean, whether we want to go ahead with it or not.  There is a growing recognition on all sides that a General Election is no way of settling this question and, indeed, could end up being divisive without being decisive with it quite likely to result merely in another hung parliament  

“I don’t think I have ever said this before, but I agree with Barry Gardiner. The Shadow International Trade Secretary told the BBC today that a final say referendum on Brexit – before an election – is the way to resolve the crisis. I concur. It is entirely possible for MPs to decide now to have a confirmatory referendum on Theresa May’s Deal - or some other version of it - which can take place before an election. This could take place within five or six months and be binding on all participants. It would give us the clarity we all need to move on from the Brexit crisis and then have an election where all the other issues facing our country could be properly debated.”