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Grieve – More and more Conservatives are supporting the call for a People’s Vote

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s interview with Andrew Marr this morning, Dominic Grieve QC MP, said:

“Unfortunately,  throughout the last two years, the real negotiations have not been with the EU but with the increasingly shrill and extreme group on the backbenches in the ERG. Theresa May has always tried to do her best, but she has been trapped by the ERG and no longer has the space, or the time, to deliver any sort of good deal for Britain.

“With the very strong likelihood that the only deal on offer being a bad deal, business – the core of the Conservative Party in the country – is turning away. That was made very clear by today’s polling, commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign,  that shows  while 66 per cent of business people regard the Conservatives as traditionally the party that pursues policies which increase prosperity and help well-run businesses, with just 24 disagreeing, only 26 per cent of those surveyed said the party is pursuing business-friendly policies on Brexit, with 57 per cent disagreeing.

“This is why so more and more Conservatives, in Parliament and in the country, as well as people of other parties and of no party are now supporting the call for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”


Notes to Editors:

Details of the polling are attached. All figures, unless otherwise stated are from YouGov plc. The survey was of 1,004 senior decision makers in all business sizes between September 18 and September 26 2018.