Grieve – Johnson wrong to try to avoid scrutiny on Brexit law - People's Vote

Grieve – Johnson wrong to try to avoid scrutiny on Brexit law

Commenting on the timetabling of Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill, Dominic Grieve MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

“Boris Johnson is once again using Brexit as a battering ram against democracy.

“First, he broke the law to shut down Parliament because he did not want to answer questions about the damage his Brexit plans would do to jobs, security and the Irish peace process.

“Now he wants to force his Brexit law through the Commons in just three days so again he can sidestep democratic debate.

“People are justifiably frustrated that this Brexit crisis continues to dominate politics, but the proposed deal the Prime Minister is trying to force through the Commons will guarantee this chaos goes on and on.

“Far from getting Brexit done, it would mean successive governments trying to negotiate our trade relationships and security arrangements from a weaker position than ever.

“It is wholly wrong that Boris Johnson wants MPs to pass a law that will signal the start of a decade of uncertainty with significantly less scrutiny than was applied to the recent Wild Animals in Circuses Act.

“The only democratic way to solve this crisis quickly is to let the people decide in a Final Say referendum. There were a million people outside the gates of parliament demanding that on Saturday and it is time to listen to their voices.”