Grieve– Ireland proposals suggest ‘Johnson does not want any sort of deal’ - People's Vote

Grieve– Ireland proposals suggest ‘Johnson does not want any sort of deal’

Responding to overnight leaks of the UK government’s proposals for the border in Ireland, and to Boris Johnson’s confirmation he wants to see customs checks on cross-border trade, Dominic Grieve MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said: 

“It is difficult to see these proposals as a serious effort to secure a deal on Brexit.

“A plan to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland that actually creates two such borders is a plan that is going to fail. It is no surprise that the Irish government has responded to say the proposals are unacceptable. Nor should they be acceptable to anyone in the United Kingdom who is serious about preserving the letter and the spirit of the Belfast and other agreements in Northern Ireland.

“Proposals such as this leave one with the impression that Boris Johnson does not want any sort of deal. Instead he seems to want someone else to blame for No Deal, and if that is the Irish government or the EU Commission, so much the better.

“Boris Johnson is not making the right decisions on Northern Ireland. He seems incapable of being able to act in our national interest. In all the circumstances it would be very much better to trust to the people to decide on Brexit in a final say referendum.

“This is only fair and democratic way out of the crisis.”