Grieve – Emergence of a patriotic consensus against No Deal crash out ‘very good news’ - People's Vote

Grieve – Emergence of a patriotic consensus against No Deal crash out ‘very good news’

Parliamentarians opposed to a No Deal crash-out from the European Union met today and agreed to work together to block any attempt to force No Deal on the country.

Commenting, Dominic Grieve MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It is very good news that a consensus is emerging amongst all those in Parliament opposed to a destructive No Deal exit from the European Union.

“Between now and the end of October there will be real opportunities for those who are sincere in their opposition to No Deal to work together to stop Boris Johnson forcing this disastrous outcome on the country without the people having the final say. Today was the first, and a big, step in building that unity against No Deal.

“Patriotism requires us to put our country’s needs ahead of any sectional, factional or party interest and those who have agreed to do this are indeed true patriots.

“As a Conservative I have always believed that ‘trust the people’ is one of my party’s greatest rallying calls. Now I am asking my colleagues to do that. Firstly, in rejecting a wretched No Deal outcome that has never been supported or voted for by the people, and then to go further by supporting giving the final say on Brexit to the British public.

“It is still not too late for the Government to join me and other Conservatives in supporting a People’s Vote as the only way out of this crisis. If, instead, ministers press ahead with No Deal they will find, just as others did before them, that Parliament, as the elected voice of the people, simply cannot be bypassed.”