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Greenwood – Unison decision for public vote strengthens Labour unity

Unison, the biggest union in the UK – representing well over one million working people – has this evening said any Brexit deal “should be put to the country”.

Unison are also a major affiliate of the Labour Party and are represented on the party’s National Executive Committee.


Commenting, Lillian Greenwood MP, Unison member and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Today, Dave Prentis, the general- secretary of Unison -  Britain’s biggest union and one to which I am proud to belong, has said that whatever Brexit deal emerges from this shambles should be put the people.

“Labour is now uniting behind a position on Brexit backed by the overwhelming majority of our voters, members and MPs, as well as the trade unionists who have always been the backbone of our party.

“We should all now be fighting to stop a catastrophic no deal departure from the European Union. We must secure an extension that is long enough both to allow for the scrutiny and negotiation of alternative Brexit proposals and to give MPs the chance to decide whether to give the British public the final say on any deal.

“That’s because a People’s Vote is not an option in the Brexit crisis, it is the solution to the crisis.”



Notes to editors

Dave Prentis’s statement reads:

“Theresa May should have been reaching out across Westminster to find a Brexit solution a long time ago, not just at the tail end of her premiership when she’s little else to lose.

“With just nine days to go every effort must be made to avoid a catastrophic no-deal Brexit and protect public services, jobs, wages, the economy and peace in Northern Ireland.

“A general election is our preferred option, but until that time, the so-called Norway+ plan, allowing the UK to remain in the customs union and the single market is the next best bet.

“Whatever deal emerges in the coming days should be put to the country. We cannot allow the UK’s future to be dashed on the rocks of a no-deal Brexit.”