Friday 4 October 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 4 October 2019

Morning Briefing: Criticism of Johnson's proposal intensifies

The furore surrounding Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals demonstrates that the need for a People’s Vote has never been greater. Although the responses yesterday were generally diplomatic, the feedback was clear and damning from Westminster to Belfast, Dublin to Brussels: these proposals fall a long way short of clinching a deal.

Time is running out and we all need to join our massive march in London on Saturday October 19 to make our voices heard. Our grassroots campaigners have already handed out 1.25 million leaflets and 170 coaches have been booked from around the country. Sign up here and Let Us Be Heard.

Criticism of Johnson's proposal intensifies

Boris Johnson’s worst-of-all-worlds hard Brexit proposals may have satisfied the DUP and the Conservative European Research Group, but seems unlikely to pass muster with all other stakeholders unless there are further compromises.

The devil is in the detail and so European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker last night talked to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and then called for the UK Prime Minister to publicly release the full legal text of the plan. They don’t trust Johnson and don’t like the way he says different things to different people: for example over whether there will be border posts, wherever they are situated.

The Sun this morning claimed that Johnson tried to write a massive cheque to Ireland to get their acquiescence, an explicit admission that if compensation is required, there will be huge business impact from the proposals.

The Conservatives spent yesterday afternoon trying to talk up their view that they could get the numbers in Parliament to pass the deal, but there is no deal without agreement with the EU, and nor, without a clause ensuring a confirmatory final say referendum, can they be anything like sure of getting the numbers.

UK chief negotiator David Frost will continue discussions in Brussels, while Johnson is intending another charm offensive in European capitals. The crisis continues and the threat of a devastating No Deal remains. March for a People’s Vote on Saturday October 19 and Let Us Be Heard.

Corbyn warns potential Labour rebel MPs about backing Johnson deal

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday warned potential rebel Labour MPs against voting for Johnson’s deal, as he responded to the Prime Minister in the Commons.

“Deal or no deal, this government’s agenda is clear,” he said. “They want a Trump-deal Brexit that would crash our economy and rip away the standards that put a floor under people’s rights at work. No Labour MP could support such a reckless deal that would be used as a springboard to attack rights and standards in this country.”

With Johnson leading a minority government, he would need at least some Labour MPs to get any Brexit deal over the line. But given that central to his plans are the abolition of European standards of workers' and environmental protections, safety rules for food and workplaces, and the undermining of the Good Friday Agreement, there would be little incentive for any MP to vote for such a deal.

Poll reveals public mood is hardening in favour of People's Vote

More than twice as many people say the public rather than MPs should decide whether Britain quits the EU if Boris Johnson fails to get a new Brexit deal, according to a poll.

The YouGov survey showed 52 per cent believe this final decision should be made in a People’s Vote, compared with 23 per cent who think it should be taken by MPs in Parliament, with 25 per cent saying “don’t know”.

If the Prime Minister does strike a new Brexit agreement with the EU, 47 per cent of people still favour the final decision to go to a People's Vote as opposed to 29% who want to leave it to MPs.  Offered the choice over which is the better way of solving Brexit, 40 per cent said a new referendum and 25 per cent want a general election, according to the poll fcommissioned by the People’s Vote campaign.

With more MPs also giving their support for a second referendum, Peter Kellner, ex-president of YouGov, said: “It is clear that the public mood is hardening in favour of a People’s Vote to decide whether Brexit should go ahead.

Nurse of the year has breakdown over Brexit

A Spanish healthcare worker, named Britain’s nurse of the year, yesterday revealed he had a mental breakdown over Brexit.

Joan Pons Laplana blamed the uncertainty for his mental health deteriorating as he feared No Deal could put his job at risk due to his European national status. He moved to the UK in 2000 and his three children with his long-term partner.

Laplana said: “I think Brexit is the biggest con. What frightens me is that with no deal still on the table, they are playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, which has a serious impact on patients and on people like me. Because there are colleagues leaving the NHS, it’s getting difficult to provide safe care.”

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

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With just over 2 weeks to go until the People’s Vote march there are plenty of events to get involved with to help spread the word. You can join a leafleting session in Shrewsbury or Islington, help out on a street stall in Pickering or Chelmsford, help knock on doors in Doncaster, or join one of many more events taking place nationwide. Find an event near you and get involved.

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