Friday 30 November 2018 - People's Vote

Friday 30 November 2018

Morning Briefing: Nobody voted for this - People's Vote in TV debate - Brexodus gets bigger

Whichever way you voted two years ago, nobody voted for this. This deal shows that what was promised can’t be delivered. Brexit campaigners promised we would continue to enjoy "the exact same benefits" of being in the EU, while "taking back control". But this deal shows these promises will be broken – not because the government won’t keep them - but because they can’t be kept; no one can keep promises that are contradictory.

Instead, the proposed Brexit deal delivers the exact opposite of what was promised: the UK would lose all its rights as an EU member – with less trade, fewer opportunities and lower living standards – while suffering the biggest loss of sovereignty and control in British history. It is lose-lose. 

This is a much worse deal than the one we’ve already got in the EU. As a raft of independent assessments - and even the government themselves - have now acknowledged, the government’s proposed Brexit would severely harm our economy. Even Dominic Raab, the Cabinet Minister supposedly responsible for negotiating it, is now saying this deal is worse than staying in.


Those who claim it would at least mean everyone can stop talking about Brexit are selling yet another fantasy. After two years of negotiations, all we really know about our future relationship is a vague "Political Declaration" and a "backstop" that leaves us in an even weaker negotiating position. Despite paying a £50 billion divorce bill, most of the major decisions have been postponed until after we’ve left, leaving us in an even weaker negotiating position than we are in now. This "blindfold Brexit" would mean the debate about our relationship with the EU will go on forever, because all the big questions are still unanswered and successive governments will continue efforts to make sense of a deal that makes no sense for the UK.

A choice between this lose-lose deal and no deal is no choice at all. Nor is there any kind of fantasy Brexit deal that can meet all the promises made. The real choice now is whether to go ahead with a Brexit deal or stick with the deal we already have as members of the EU.

Now we know what Brexit looks like, the public should be given the opportunity to decide in a People’s Vote – is this the kind of deal we want, or is the deal we already have in the EU better? In the end, only the people can sort this out.

Video of the Day

WATCH: Big promises were made about how quick and easy it would be to get new free trade deals after Brexit. They can't be delivered.


People’s Vote demand place in debate

And while we’re on the TV debate, the People’s Vote campaign has formally complained to the BBC and Ofcom about plans to hold it without a pro-People’s Vote voice. Not only would that make the debate more interesting to watch, excluding us means leaving out the best option on the table. It’s also against the BBC’s own rules. As People’s Vote director of communications Tom Baldwin pointed out:  “Hosting a TV debate that is confined to the prime minister and Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit would not only breach Ofcom’s guidelines but also the BBC’s own editorial guidelines.”

Quote of the day

“Any decision that excludes the voice of millions of people supporting our position – or confines it to the margins of the debate – does not serve the interests of our democracy.”

An extract from the People’s Vote campaign’s formal complaint over the participants of the Brexit deal TV debate.

Tweet of the Day

Justine Greening is correct.  Theresa May’s deal isn’t in the interest of young people. A People’s Vote would give them a chance to say so.

Brexodus gets bigger

Quarterly net migration from the EU has turned negative for “the first time in almost a decade”, the Financial Times reports. Between the pound’s plummet, the uncertainty over the future of the UK economy, and continuing uncertainty over the rights of EU citizens living here, it’s hardly surprising that fewer Europeans are choosing to come here. The caveat to this figure is that it’s based on quarterly figures, which the Office for National Statistics generally dislikes publishing; they may reflect seasonal trends, and are less accurate than the annual data.

Nevertheless it’s clear that there has been a dramatic crash in the number of EU citizens choosing to live and work in the UK. That’s bad for our public services. EU nationals have paid £4.7 billion in 2016/17, independent analysis for the government showed. Meanwhile the Brexodus is contributing to the NHS’s acute staffing shortages. The government is now scrambling to bring in doctors from outside the EU just to plug the gaps, the Guardian reports today.

Graphic of the Day

Jo Johnson is right.  The Norway option won’t allow us to take back control. The best option is a People’s Vote.

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Foreign secretaries request rethink

Three former foreign secretaries - David Miliband, Jack Straw, and Margaret Beckett - have jointly signed a letter backing a People’s Vote. As they put it: “There is no company in the land that would ever be able to de-merge without the consent of its shareholders about the detail, not just the principle, and no trade union that would agree terms of a pay settlement without going back to its members with new information. Why should the country be any different?”

Video of the Day 2

WATCH: Jess Phillips MP on why she supports a People’s Vote:  "I don't trust the politicians to put their own personal power and patronage aside and I think we need to let the people decide."

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Today, Friday 30th November

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