Friday 30 August 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 30 August 2019

Morning Briefing: Protests grow up and down the country over anti-democratic No Deal shutdown

Boris Johnson is to offer mugs and t-shirts with the slogan “Get ready” around the country as £100 million is to be spent on a propaganda campaign for No Deal. He claimed yesterday that discussions are being stepped up with the EU over getting a new agreement – the equivalent of offering mugs and t-shirts to his wavering backbenchers in a bid to stop them from siding for democracy against a destructive No Deal in the coming weeks.

The outrage over his move to shutdown Parliament is growing, with SNP Commons leader Ian Blackman summing up the mood this morning on the BBC’s Today programme by describing Johnson as a “tin pot dictator”.

Protests are expected up and down the UK this weekend as people respond to Johnson’s anti-democratic move to suspend Parliament. And next week is likely to be one of the most momentous and unpredictable Westminster has ever seen.

It is time to Let Us Be Heard: only a People’s Vote can resolve the crisis.

Protests grow up and down the country over anti-democratic No Deal shutdown

Opposition to Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic plan to shutdown Parliament and force through a destructive No Deal grew across the UK yesterday as people took to the streets to voice their anger.

From London to Cheltenham to Norwich, voters demonstrated their fury at the outrageous bid to suspend – prorogue – Parliament for five weeks.

Petitions against the Government’s move reached more than a million signatures as citizens reacted to the cynical move to block out MPs from being able to debate Brexit as the country heads for the October 31 deadline.

To support the People’s Vote campaign’s petition to stop Johnson trashing democracy, click here:

People in Newcastle have the opportunity to let their voices be heard on Sunday at the Assembly Halls at our People's Vote campaign rally. Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Soubry MP, leader of The Independent Group for Change and Lord Andrew Adonis will join a range of speakers at the rally including campaigners and a local NHS worker, at which hundreds are expected to demand the public be given the final say on Brexit.

To get your free tickets, click here.

And join the People’s Vote march through London on Saturday October 19 – one of the most important protest marches this country will have ever seen. For more information, click here.

Cross-party MPs planning to block Johnson's No Deal despite Parliamentary shutdown

A cross-party group of MPs are coming together to work on plans to block Johnson’s Parliamentary shutdown and block No Deal.

The BBC’s Newsnight reported that a group including Conservatives Oliver Letwin and former Chancellor Philip Hammond with Labour’s Shadow Brexit minister Keir Starmer are planning a “surgical strike” emergency debate on Tuesday to change the law to allow the UK to only leave the EU with a deal.

Mr Letwin told the BBC's Today programme this morning that a "disorderly No Deal exit is a bad idea" and is working for a legal extension to Article 50 if the UK is heading for No Deal.

Former Justice Minister David Gauke warned that time is running out and demanded a “robust” response to Johnson’s No Deal shutdown.

According to The Times this morning, the Speaker John Bercow is on a "collision course" with his senior advisors to allow an emergency debate next Tuesday because he is “furious” that Parliament is being prorogued.

As MPs consider the highly-unusual step of keeping the Commons open over a weekend, Buzzfeed suggests the Government is planning a series of extreme measures to railroad No Deal through, including creating new bank holidays, ignoring successful legislation and advising the Queen not to give royal assent to any Brexit-delaying legislation.

No-one should be surprised by any anti-democratic moves made by this Prime Minister to force through a No Deal with no mandate from the people. He said he had no plans to shutdown Parliament during the Conservative leadership election, but reversed his position. He is not the only one to say one thing and do another with a number of hypocritical Cabinet ministers now supporting a shutdown that they previously said was a democratic outrage.

A Scottish court case brought by MPs against the Government attempting to block No Deal will hear a judgement this morning: there are other cases being brought in London and Northern Ireland.

Only a People’s Vote can resolve this crisis, it is time to Let Us Be Heard.

Flu vaccine shortage "likely" after destructive No Deal 

Doctors and NHS leaders have warned that No Deal would make it “likely” there will be a shortage of flu vaccine this Winter.

It would create a “perfect storm for the NHS” after manufacturer Sanofi said that delays in deciding what strains of flu to use in the vaccine mean over a million doses will have to be imported after 31 October, with fears that the flu season comes earlier to the UK this year.

"What we can see is we're likely to not have enough flu vaccine, we are likely not to have the flu vaccine coverage that we've had in previous years, and that is likely to have an impact on the NHS," Prof Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, told Newsnight. 

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“Our party is becoming increasingly ideologically obsessed, narrowly focused on a nationalist agenda which leaves millions of voters particularly, but far from exclusively, in Scotland and Wales, outside the Conservative tent.

“As Conservatives we prize loyalty. But it has become increasingly clear that our loyalty must be to our party’s long-term values and not to the man who leads the party at this time. We have to stand up for democracy, to put the national interest first and to stand firm against an undemocratic No Deal."

Conservative MP and People's Vote campaigner Guto Bebb responds to the resignations of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and former minister Lord Young by urging fellow Conservatives to fight No Deal.   

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People's Vote campaign news...

Local People’s Vote campaigners will be out in force this weekend with local community events taking place in towns and cities across the country including Marazion, Calne, Ipswich, Marlow, Banbury, Seaton, Bishop’s Stortford, Portreath, East Molesey, Bromley, Ilfracombe, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Aylesbury, Plymouth, Chippenham, Greenwich, Newbiggin and Dorchester!

We’ll also be at festivals in Bovey Tracey, Taunton and Brentford. There has never been a better time to get involved in the campaign! Whether this is your first time, or you are a seasoned campaigner, we need your support engaging with people in your local community. Find a full list of upcoming events here and get involved today!

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