Friday 25 January 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 25 January 2019

Morning Briefing: Tell your MP to 'take back control' - Tory funding woes - Norwegian realities

The People’s Vote campaign is urging supporters to write to their MPs backing “take back control” amendments tabled by Dominic Grieve, Rachel Reeves, Caroline Spelman and Yvette Cooper.

All four of these measures, if approved on Tuesday, would strengthen MPs who want to stand up for the national interest in preventing a catastrophic no-deal Brexit and forcing the government to request Article 50 be extended - creating the time necessary to hold a People’s Vote.

There’s plenty of pressure building elsewhere on Theresa May to relax the timetable and find an alternative to her deal. Several ministers have moved from “quietly dissatisfied” to “borderline revolt”. Amber Rudd is demanding a free vote on any extension to Article 50, and is refusing to rule out resigning her cabinet role rather than vote against one. Business minister Richard Harrington wants no-deal be taken off the table altogether, adding that he’s “very happy to be public about it and very happy if the prime minister decides I am not the right person to do the business industry job”.


Trade unionists also want May to extend talks. The TUC, Unite, Unison, and the GMB met with Theresa May yesterday to demand that Article 50 is extended to find a workable alternative. The best way forward for trade unionists and the wider Labour movement is to back a People's Vote.

A broad consensus is emerging around not wanting to crash out of the EU in no deal chaos, and growing support for an Article 50 extension being the way to achieve that. The government’s deal is deeply unpopular both in Parliament and among the public.

But there is still no majority for what the country does want from Brexit. With no majority for any Brexit alternative in Parliament, the only way to find one is a People’s Vote. And if we listen to each other in a respectful manner, then we can even start to heal our divided nation.

Quote of the Day

“The prime minister should stop listening to the bad boys at the back of the class. More time is needed for genuine talks.”

TUC boss Frances O’Grady urges Theresa May to change her Brexit approach.

It's clear that the only way forward is a People's Vote. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the campaign.  Sign up to volunteer today.VOLUNTEERS.jpeg

Conservative fundraising woes

After two and a half years of stories about how Brexit could wreck the economy after we leave, the Conservative Party has now found Brexit is also damaging its own finances, the FT reports.

The party’s major donors are hopping mad about Brexit - both the hard Brexiters, and the more pro-EU businesses - and are expressing this by “sitting on their wallets” until they get their way. Perhaps a fear for the party’s future might help Tory MPs shift the Brexit deadlock?

Video of the Day

WATCH: Brexiters promised us that we'd rollover trade deals that we already have through our EU membership. So far we have transitioned precisely zero. Demand a People’s Vote now.

Norwegian home truths

Norway’s trade and industry minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen has told the BBC that Norwegian ministers are forced to wait in a corridor when the EU makes decisions they are obliged to implement.

A “Norway” Brexit would do away with centuries of sovereignty, the opposite of "taking back control". It would essentially mean staying in the EU, keeping free movement and EU law, but giving up any voting rights and paying for the privilege. It’s not acceptable to leavers - who want those things to end - and it’s not acceptable to people who want to stay in the EU, who believe that those backing it should simply have the courage to say they really want to stay in after all.

The Norway option is the worst of all possible worlds. Good compromises might be unpopular, but sometimes an option is just so genuinely awful that it unites all sides in rejecting it. MPs pushing for this should remember that before they vote us into a rule-taking relationship with our neighbours.

 Audio of the Day

LISTEN: Norway’s Trade Minister: “We’re not at the table, we stand in the hall.”  The Norway option doesn’t seem to fulfil Vote Leave’s pledge to take back control.  And let’s not forget we already have a seat at the table!

Manufacturers increase stockpiling efforts

A Lloyds Bank research report shows that UK manufacturers have significantly increased their stockpiling ahead of March 29. With the threat of a disorderly Brexit very much on the table, businesses are trying to mitigate the risks posed by shortages and disruptions to trade if we leave the EU. By failing to seek an extension to A50 the government is forcing businesses to confront a looming deadline with no deal in place. Hardly sensible for a party which sells itself on sound economic management.

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We really do. Tell your MP there's only one way forward HERE!!!

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Looking forward…

Today, Friday 25th January

- Government accounts published by public accounts committee

Tomorrow, Saturday 26th January

- People's Vote national day of action