Friday 23 August 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 23 August 2019

Morning Briefing: Phillips: "I'd lose my job to stop No Deal"

An impassioned speech from Labour MP Jess Phillips lit up yesterday’s Let Us Be Heard rally in Edinburgh as a host of politicians and comedians gave a full-throated backing for a People’s Vote. She told hundreds of our supporters: “It is a fundamental lie that leaving with No Deal on 31st October will do anything other than make Boris Johnson look a bit hard. He is a man-child.

 “I am sick to death of rich posh boys who travel in gold-plated elevators telling me I’m a traitor or that I don’t speak for the working class. They wouldn’t send their kids to the schools I send my kids to. It is not a treachery to care about the people where I live. If it costs my job because I represent a leave voting constituency, then some things are more important. I trust the people in this country and we should let them decide.”

Ailie Ross-Oliver from Our Future Our Choice Scotland warned: “We are being ripped off. The reality is young people will be the hardest hit by an economic crisis that we did not vote for.”

With Ian Murray MP, SNP MP Joanna Cherry and top comics Andrew Maxwell, Grace Campbell and Fred MacAulay as well as the renowned ‘Brexit Graffiti Granny’, Hazel Jones, it was a great eventand shows that the fight goes on all around the country.

The people of Newcastle will be able to give a full-throated roar of support for a People’s Vote on September 1. To get your free tickets, click here.

Push-back for Johnson as European leaders put the onus on him over No Deal

It all got a little bit grimmer for Boris Johnson the morning after the night before. He may have been initially happy that he had got his “blistering” 30-day countdown to a breakthrough, but the grown-ups were telling him that Angela Merkel had just thrown the responsibility onto him.

His jokey German language joke “Wir schaffen das,” which echoed Mrs Merkel’s slogan “We can do it”, isn’t going to happen any time soon, a point she made later yesterday in The Hague.

And Emmanuel Macron piled on the pressure in Paris, again throwing the blame over to the UK Prime Minister, saying the backstop is “indispensable”, any solution would be similar to the current Withdrawal Agreement on the table and “it’s a British political problem”.

Maybe M. Macron didn’t like Johnson putting his foot on his coffee table, something most people have been taught is bad manners, but the message was ultra-clear: nothing has changed, it’s your problem to fix.

He doesn’t have an answer to the Irish backstop that hasn’t been discussed before – new technology, trusted trader certificates, random customs checks. Johnson knows the EU won’t buy it, but it means we all head to a final frantic few weeks before the October 31 deadline - with an EU summit on October 17 being a key date. It shows why it's so important for a massive turn-out for our vital  People's Vote march on Saturday October 19. Sign up here to Let Us Be Heard!

Next stop for Mr Johnson – the G7 Summit in Biarritz, where he will get to hang out with his new best friend Donald Trump, with talk that transatlantic trade deal negotiations could begin in September.

The fight to block a destructive No Deal is far from over. There is no mandate for it, no majority for it in Parliament and only a People’s Vote can solve it.

Waste could be dumped in the North after destructive No Deal 

The BBC didn’t mention the infamous 1978 Winter of Discontent – when rubbish piled high in the streets - in their latest story about the real dangers of No Deal.

But the 21st Century version of this nightmare is predicted by waste companies: sending truckloads of waste from the South-East to the North to dump in landfill sites.

The People’s Vote campaign’s Freedom of Information requests to local authorities over planning for No Deal revealed that a large number are concerned about the issue of what happens to refuse, especially if the ports are jammed. Some councils are stockpiling bin bags and wheelie bins.

Others predict recycling plants will have to shut down. Sevenoaks Council in Kent suggests that a park-and-ride could be used as a temporary site for waste.

Jacob Hayler, the head of the Environment Services Association industry body warned that waste “would have to start being trucked from the ports up to those landfill spaces further up north and stuck in a hole in the ground. And that's something that we would really like to avoid." 

So would Boris Johnson: it may not be as headline-grabbing as the NHS and food supplies, but the problem of rubbish in the streets contributed to bringing down the government and led Margaret Thatcher to power in 1979.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed reports that German food exporters might not bother to export food to the UK due to expected problems at ports.

Peppa Pig sold cheap - thanks to Brexit

So Entertainment One, which owns the super-hot children’s cartoon franchise Peppa Pig, has been bought by US toymaker Hasbro for an eye-popping £3.3 billion. It is just the latest UK-listed company to be bought by foreign investors since the pound fell due to Brexit uncertainty.

Our top companies are being bought up on the cheap: another direct result of three years of Brexit chaos.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“This rally is an important opportunity for people from across Scotland to make their voices heard alongside friends from across the nations of these islands. A People’s Vote is the only fair and democratic solution.  If politicians are unable to find a way through this gridlock it is the people who must have the final say.”

SNP MP Joanna Cherry tells the Let Us Be Heard rally in Edinburgh of the need for a People's Vote.

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People's Vote campaign news...

Tens of thousands of festival-goers will be descending on Reading this weekend for the annual music festival. Local People’s Vote campaigners together with members of the youth organisation Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), will be on hand outside the festival and around Reading to talk to people about how a no-deal Brexit will affect their futures.

Come along and join us and help us to make a big difference. There will be a large group of volunteers and this is a great opportunity for first time campaigners to get involved in a friendly and fun environment. Sign up here.

Elsewhere across the country this weekend local campaigners will be out in Alnwick, Selby, Halesworth and more. Get involved.

A great offer for young supporters of a People's Vote. Members of Our Future Our Choice and For our Future's Sake can join the European Movement for £1 here!

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