Friday 22 June 2018 - People's Vote

Friday 22 June 2018

Morning briefing: Join the march for a People's Vote tomorrow

Tens of thousands of protestors from across the country will arrive in London tomorrow at midday to demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. They will then march to Parliament Square: will you be there?

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you can hardly believe that the current mess is the ‘Will of the People’; big companies preparing to pull out of Britain, losing our status as a ‘tier one’ military power, blowing a hole in the public finances.

Momentum is building for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. The latest polling shows 48% in favour vs 25% against. The people have the right to the final say. So why won't the politicians give us the vote?

Tomorrow’s march is a chance to make MPs listen. There will be speakers from all four major UK parties - so sorry, Nigel, but this is one speaking gig you’re not invited to - but more importantly from all walks of life; fishermen, farmers, doctors, teaches, all standing united for a better deal for Britain. Join us in making your voice heard.




Airbus braces for impact

Aerospace giant Airbus has warned it could pull out of the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit. With 14,000 workers employed in Britain - and a further 110,000 in its supply chain here - this is yet more bad news for jobs. These are well-paid, high-tech jobs.

The news is also bad for the public finances, as the company generates £1.7 billion in taxes. Forget about the “Brexit dividend” lie. We’ll be heading for a Brexit deficit.

While a bad deal is better than no deal, if we simply go ahead with the government’s current transition plan - which Airbus says is too short -  the company will slash new investments in Britain while it waits to see how things play out.


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WATCH: Muhammad Mussa will be marching tomorrow because he got to benefit from the Erasmus study exchange - he thinks future generations should get the same opportunities.


Vote Leave ‘broke referendum rules’

The Electoral Commission investigation into whether the official Leave campaign cheated during the referendum is scheduled to be published in weeks, according to the BBC. The draft report concludes that Vote Leave, which was fronted by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, broke the rules. Three whistleblowers, including Christopher Wylie, earlier this year provided evidence that it colluded with a smaller group, BeLeave, to avoid limits on how much it was allowed to spend.

The Commission has already fined Leave.EU, the Brexit campaign backed by Nigel Farage, for multiple breaches of electoral law and referred its chief executive to the police.

Single market in goods?

The next Cabinet battle looks like being over whether to aim for a single market in goods post-Brexit. Theresa May seems to think this could avoid border controls in Ireland. This is “100% the direction of travel”, according to Whitehall sources quoted in the Guardian. But Brexiters don’t like the idea of following EU rules.

The issue could come to a head in two weeks when the Cabinet meets at Chequers to agree its Brexit policy. Even if the prime minister can thrash out a deal with her colleagues, she won’t have one with the EU as a single market in goods won’t on its own solve the Irish border problem. The EU may also insist on our agreeing to stay in the customs union, paying into its budget, accepting free movement of people and following ECJ jurisdiction - and we won’t even protect our world-beating services industries.

Is this what the voters want?

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“If you believe it's wrong for people not to have a referendum on EU membership, it should also be wrong for the country to not have a referendum on the terms of the deal we're being offered.”

  • Dami Olatuyi, a former Vote Leave campaigner

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