Friday 21 June 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 21 June 2019

Morning Briefing: Get out and campaign this weekend to Let Us Be Heard!

The fight continues to Let Us Be Heard

This weekend we have 50+ grassroots events taking place all across the country including door to door canvassing sessions in places such as Cirencester, King’s Lynn, Thame, St Albans, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Wallingford and Ipswich, and street stalls in places including Sunderland, Walsall, Lincoln, Derby and Buxton.

We will be out listening to people in local communities and giving them the opportunity to have their say on Brexit. Come and join us at an event near you and help make a real difference. 

In Leeds, the People's Vote North campaign rally takes place tomorrow when sport and TV stars join politicians to call for a solution to the political crisis.

The rally, held at New Dock Hall opposite Leeds Armouries at 12.30pm on Saturday, will be the first of 15 “Let Us Be Heard” demonstrations in towns and cities across the UK through a long summer of protests.

Please watch and share our action day video here.

Tory election moves out of Westminster as fears of destructive No Deal grow

And now the Tory leadership campaign moves from the dark corridors of Westminster to the people: well, the 0.25% of the UK population who have a vote to decide who runs the country through the biggest crisis we have faced since the Second World War.

There are around 160,000 Conservative members, many of them relatively new to the party and some possible insurgents from UKIP and the Brexit party. About the same number of people as live in Guildford.

They will choose between Boris Johnson who has said he will take the UK out of Europe by October 31 - deal or devastating No Deal - but with no actual guarantees, and Jeremy Hunt who is even more vague. Johnson is already in trouble after Bank of England governor Mark Carney shot down his claim that tariffs could be avoided after a No Deal exit in a BBC interview. He also warned that 150,000 firms are still not ready for No Deal.

So who are the people who will decide? Research by Tim Bale, professor at London’s Queen Mary University, shows that the average member is in their 50s, 99% are white and 71% are male.

More than half want the return of the death penalty, only 40% are in favour of gay marriage, more than half want more austerity spending cuts and just 15% think that wealth should be redistributed from the rich to the poor.

A YouGov poll earlier this week showed that the majority would happily see the destruction of their own party if it meant that Brexit happened.

Arch-Brexiters are very resolute in talking about the ‘will of the people” in demanding a destructive No Deal, but a People’s Vote is the only truly democratic route out of this political crisis.

Summer holidays beckon for politicians with no solution in sight

Given that MPs have just sat through a “zombie Parliament” where almost no legislation has occurred and the Brexit crisis remains totally unsolved while the Conservatives vote endlessly on their leadership race, one might think that there is work to do to sort out the mess before October 31.

But no: summer holidays beckon. The new Prime Minister will be announced some time during the week of July 22. And yesterday it was declared that Parliament goes into recess from July 25 for five weeks until September 3.

Then it’s conference season as they head off to Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester for the annual beanfeasts of speeches, motions and late-night plotting.

Owen Smith MP called it a “suspension of democracy by stealth” as Johnson (or Hunt) will not face any parliamentary scrutiny during the recess. More importantly, the Brexit deadline of October 31 looms ever closer.

Irish PM Leo Varadkar suggested EU leaders have run out of patience with the UK and will refuse to extend the deadline again, leading to a destructive No Deal unless a People's Vote or general election is called. He said there was "enormous hostility" from many, although he said he had "endless patience" to try and resolve the crisis. Most European leaders were reluctant to talk about Brexit at all.

As we will keep saying: Let Us Be Heard.

Join the People's Vote North rally in Leeds

A clutch of sporting legends will join leading Yorkshire politicians tomorrow in front of a packed crowd of 1,000+ to launch the People’s Vote North campaign and declare the region’s real voice must be heard in the Brexit debate.

The Leeds rally comes amid growing fears that if Boris Johnson becomes the next Prime Minister he will inflict a destructive Brexit on the British people - and the North of England in particular - that was barely mentioned back in 2016.

World champion athlete, Steve Cram, former England footballers John Barnes and Peter Reid,  as well as former Leeds Rhino star Garreth Carvell, will help the launch of People’s Vote North, a new organisation designed to make sure our region’s real voice is heard in the debate over Brexit.

The rally, held at New Dock Hall opposite Leeds Armouries at 12.30pm on Saturday, will be the first of 15 “Let Us Be Heard” demonstrations in towns and cities across the UK through a long summer of protests.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“No deal means no deal. So... we should be clear that not having an agreement with the European Union would mean that there are tariffs, automatically, because the Europeans have to apply the same rules to us as they apply to everyone else"

Bank of England governor Mark Carney gives Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson an economics lesson.

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