Friday 14 June 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 14 June 2019

Morning Briefing: Johnson needs to hear - so Let Us Be Heard

With all the leading candidates for Conservative leader all open to a destructive No Deal, the need for the people's voice to be raised against this outrageous attack on democracy has never been greater. So Let Us Be Heard!

Boris Johnson needs to hear the voice of the people - so Let Us Be Heard

Boris Johnson has emerged as the clear front-runner in the Conservative leadership contest, but it is also plain that he’s already running scared of public scrutiny and accountability: which is why it’s so vital that our simple demand - Let Us Be Heard -  echoes ever louder.

Johnson is refusing to commit to attending Sunday’s scheduled televised hustings. If he does appear he can be sure that his willingness to contemplate a destructive No Deal and his fantasies of negotiating a new Brexit deal will come under the spotlight.

No Deal means no security deal and would force us to trade on WTO terms - the worst in the world. Renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement has been repeatedly ruled out by the EU but, like so many Flat Earthers, there are still some Conservative MPs who refuse to accept the evidence staring them in the face. It’s no wonder Johnson doesn’t want to be quizzed on any of this.

This morning one prominent Conservative, Mohammed Amin, used the Today Programme to compare Johnson to Hitler for his capacity for lies - an extreme comparison for sure, but a sign of the extent of the failed Foreign Secretary's reputation for dishonesty

Caroline Lucas - Green MP and People’s Vote supporter - said yesterday: “With Conservative candidates engaged in a dangerous Brexit arms-race and Boris Johnson open to forcing through a destructive No Deal, the voice of the British public must be heard.”

Join her and take part in one of the biggest political mobilisations Britain has sever seen by signing up to support our demand - Let Us Be Heard.

The protests will begin with a huge rally in Leeds on June 22 – three years almost to the day since the last referendum - before moving to 15 towns and cities including Sunderland, Luton, Newport and Glasgow. The campaign will then head to the Labour and Conservative Party conferences in Manchester and Brighton, before reaching a climax with our fourth People’s Vote march in London on October 12.

Shutting down democracy won't work

A destructive No Deal has been endorsed as an option by the three leading Conservative contenders - but hostility to the idea, which would leave the UK weaker and under threat from bullies like Trump - is growing all the time.

The Speaker, John Bercow, has made clear that Parliament will be able to block a prime minister seeking to force No Deal through. So Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab continue to entertain the idea of proroguing - in other words suspending - parliament. Yesterday Ken Clarke, the longest-serving MP of any party and former Chancellor, said he would vote to bring down any Tory administration that took that route.

And Rory Stewart - still in the leadership contest for now - said he would call a rebel session of Parliament if the next leader tried to close down democracy to ram through No Deal. Former PM John Major also attacked the idea of suspending Parliament.

The problem all the contenders face is that there is no majority in Parliament for No Deal or for any particular form of Brexit. The only solution is to go back to the public with a final say referendum. As our demand - Let Us Be Heard - grows louder over the summer, more and more MPs will be forced to come to terms with the truth.

No Deal bad for business too: so Let Us Be Heard

Business is not ready for a destructive No Deal the Institute of Directors has warned. If truth be told, it is hard to be “ready” for swingeing tariffs, customs checks and an immediate end to mutual recognition of standards.

The bosses group also told their members not to rely on politicians reaching an agreement as they reported that just 4% of their surveyed members have used the current extension of the Brexit deadline to accelerate preparations for No Deal.

As No Deal would force us to trade on World Trade Organisation rules - the worst in the world - the impact on business, jobs and investment would be much wider than just those companies that trade internationally: from fresh food in the shops to drugs for the NHS, everyone’s business could be hit.

But we don’t have to sit back and let the politicians force No Deal on us - join our campaign and Let Us Be Heard.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"I don't think anybody who proposes [shutting Parliament to force through No Deal] or even lets that flip through their mind for a second has any understanding of what Parliament is about, what sovereignty is about, what leadership is about or what the UK is about."

Former PM Sir John Major chastises Tory leadership candidates toying with the idea of shutting down democracy.

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