Friday 11 October 2019 - People's Vote

Friday 11 October 2019

Morning Briefing: Time is running out for Brexit deal despite positive messages from Varadkar and Johnson

There are just eight days before our massive march in London when we come together for a final say. Whatever positivity about a “pathway to a deal” that emerged from the meeting between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar yesterday, time is running out and only a People’s Vote can resolve this crisis.

The 171st coach to the People’s Vote march on Saturday October 19 has been booked – it is coming from England’s oldest borough, Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Don’t delay: book your seat on a coach from around the country today.

Time is running out for Brexit deal despite positive messages from Varadkar and Johnson

Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay is meeting EU negotiator Michel Barnier this morning following the unexpectedly positive message coming out of yesterday’s talks between the UK and Irish Prime Ministers.

With Leo Varadkar suggesting there could be a “pathway towards an agreement”, it will be down to EU chief M. Barnier to decide whether the negotiations should now enter the so-called "tunnel": detailed talks which could lead to a deal being thrashed out in time for next week's European Council summit.

No details have emerged yet about any possible compromises made by Boris Johnson, so it is not yet clear what new proposals to fix the thorny Irish border issue have been made. His Cabinet haven’t been briefed yet.

Time is running out and a new level of uncertainty has been thrown into the mix with just 20 days to go before the Halloween deadline.

In the meantime, MPs are preparing to confront the government at the expected emergency session of Parliament on October 19. 

Labour MP Peter Kyle said: “We are very clearly in the end game. We are prepared for any eventuality – a motion, an amendment or a more novel move. Saturday 19 will be a key moment because it is after the EU summit.”

Nissan's entire European business model in jeopardy from No Deal

Nissan’s entire European business model would be put in jeopardy by a destructive No Deal, according to its Europe chairman Gianluca de Ficchy.

He said a 10% tariff on British motor exports (the World Trade Organisation standard rate) would threaten the future of its Sunderland plant, which employs 6,000 people with a further 24,000 in the supply chain. He could not guarantee the new Qashqai model would be made in Sunderland, if assurances given by Theresa May in 2016 were reneged upon.

Local MP Bridget Phillipson commented: “The last 24 hours has underlined the seriousness of the current situation for Nissan on Wearside and the automotive sector as a whole.

 “We must end the chaos not end car making. Get rid of uncertainty not manufacturing jobs. It’s time to trust the people, not Boris Johnson, to solve the Brexit crisis by having the final say through a People’s Vote.”

Hostile environment for EU citizens as minister threatens mass deportations

In yet another example of the hostile environment that Boris Johnson plans for EU citizens in the UK, his Security Minister Brandon Lewis has warned that those without settled status by the end of 2020 could be deported.

He told Die Welt newspaper in Germany: “If EU citizens have not registered by then without an adequate justification, the immigration rules will apply.”

It is another broken Brexit promise as Leave campaigners assured EU citizens their rights to live and work in the UK would not change if the UK voted to leave the EU.

Maike Bohn, a co-founder of The 3m campaign for EU citizens living in the UK, said: “We have pressed the government for years on what happens to those who do not have a status in 2021. Today, after much wait, it is confirmed that hundreds and thousands of people will be punished with the threat of removal from their home. This is no way to treat people, let alone what was promised.”

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“Time may be running out for Johnson, but he cannot be allowed to force a vicious Brexit on us to meet his self-imposed deadline. Ultimately whatever emerges as his Brexit plan has to be tested in a final say referendum. That is the only fair and democratic outcome. And that is why, on Saturday 19 October, vast numbers of people will gather in London for one of the biggest political demonstrations Britain has ever seen."

People's Vote campaigner and former Northern Ireland Minister Peter Hain calls for people to join the People's Vote march on October 19.

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People's vote campaign news...

Local events promoting the 19th October march are taking place across the country this weekend including leafleting in Watford and Chilton Village, street stalls in York and Buxton, and community meetings in Colchester and Bury St Edmunds. With the march, and what is set to be a crucial day in Parliament, just over a week away, there has never been a better time to get involved in the campaign for a People’s Vote in your local area. Find a local event near you.

Don’t delay, book today! We now have 171 locally organised coaches bringing people to the march from all across the country. Book your ticket on a coach from your local area today! 

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