Frequently Asked Questions - People's Vote

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why are we only being told about this now?

We were working with Great Ormond Street Hospital to see if we could work out a way of having both events take place on the same day. Unfortunately, due to the huge numbers of people that we are expecting and the strain on public transport this will cause, this would just not be possible. We are making a public announcement to our supporters and briefing the media this evening (SUNAY) at 7pm, and wanted to give local groups a heads-up before then.


- Why wasn’t a clash with the charity event considered previously?

We had examined clashes with other political event in Westminster, as well as sporting fixtures, but this event did not appear in our searches. When we discovered the problem, we immediately entered talks with the charity and public authorities to resolve the issue.


- Is there enough time to make the march a success?

We still have plenty of time (10 weeks) to advertise and audience build for the march, and we believe that is plenty of time to make it a huge success. We only had 5 weeks lead in time for the march in March, and we managed to get a million people out on the streets for that one.


- Is there any chance that the October 19th date will be changed?

No. This date is now firmly fixed in with the London Transport Authority, the MET police, and Parliament Square. There are no other events taking place on the same day that will come in to conflict with this.


- Will a general election affect the march in any way?

No. If a general election is called before October 19th the march will still go ahead, and it will be a show of strength to all the political parties that people in this country want a final say on Brexit.


- Why weren’t the grassroots consulted on the new date?

We had to look at all available dates and a make a quick decision in order to reserve Parliament Square and ensure that we have put in the groundwork and the paperwork to make it a success. Unfortunately there was just no time to consult local groups on a new date.


- How many people are we expecting?

It is impossible at this stage to predict numbers, but we believe that with your help we can make this a truly outstanding occasion that will make political leaders sit up and take notice.


- We have already booked a coach for the 12th, will you pay any fees related to cancelling/re-arranging it?

We understand that some local groups have already booked coaches for October 12th. If there are any fees related to cancelling/re-arranging these coaches then please let us know, and we will see what we can do to cover these costs.


- When will leaflets and campaign materials for the march be ready?

Leaflets promoting the march will be available from next week, and we’ll send out details of these when they are ready. We’ll also have a new website and social media graphics ready to launch shortly.