Free movement and the NHS - People's Vote

Free movement and the NHS

Following comments from the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nurses and Unison about NHS staff shortages likely to be caused by the Government’s decision to remove the rights of EU workers to free movement in the UK leading supporter of a People’s Vote, Paul Williams MP said:  

“The Government’s decision to unilaterally remove the rights of EU workers in the UK will be disastrous for the NHS and could plunge the service into a crisis entirely of Boris Johnson’s own making.

“The Royal College of Nursing, BMA and Unison have all warned that crucial roles in the NHS are currently filled by skilled EU nationals who are now worried about their right to stay in the UK. This policy means they are more likely to go home leaving gaps we will struggle to fill and makes us far less likely that we will attract any more EU medics and nurses in the future.

“The NHS is the UK’s best loved institution but this policy of chaos, confusion and cruelty risks leaving it short of nurses and doctors this winter and for years to come.