Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith warns on No Deal and anti-terror intelligence sharing - People's Vote

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith warns on No Deal and anti-terror intelligence sharing

Today’s Sun – confirmed by the BBC – reports that Boris Johnson was denied access to secret intelligence as Foreign Secretary on the orders of the Prime Minister.

Commenting, Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith, former Home Secretary and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Reports that Theresa May apparently attempted to stop the then Foreign Secretary from seeing secret intelligence are a remarkable indictment of the state of the government. But there is something much worse – because the man who was that Foreign Secretary is now frontrunner to be Prime Minister and willing to contemplate a No Deal that would cut us off from security or intelligence co-operation with the European Union.

“This will seriously damage our ability to fight terrorists and rogue states. We fight terrorism together to uphold the rule of law and that includes important and complex legislation and judicial oversight built up over 40 years across Europe, covering the sharing of information, transport security, import and export of dangerous goods and substances, money laundering and the ability to extradite criminal suspects.

“No Deal would destroy all that as the clocks strike 11pm on October 31st. There is no quick fix that will set that right and it is outrageous that both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are toying with acting in a way that will benefit terrorists and serious organised crime simply to pander to the 160,000 members of the Conservative Party, regardless of the impact on the rest of us.

“With our future security at stake only we, the people, can decide. That is why we must have a People’s Vote on whatever form of Brexit emerges from this mess.”