European elections battle fund - People's Vote

European elections battle fund


raised of a £195,000.00 goal
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raised of a £195,000.00 goal

Recent polling has shown that Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party could finish first in the upcoming European elections - but we have the opportunity to change this and wipe the smile off his face.

It’s time to fight back. We want the outcome of these elections to send a powerful message to the political parties that supporting and campaigning for a People’s Vote is the best route to electoral success. So we will be campaigning hard in these elections for all parties to back a People's Vote. And crucially, our activists will be out in force making sure people register to vote and persuading them to use it in these elections.

But to do this we’re going to need your help.

We need to raise £195,000 in order to campaign effectively in these elections. This battle fund will be absolutely crucial.

As we are now in a regulated campaign period for the European Parliamentary elections, we are campaigning in them as a non-party campaigner. As a result we are registered with, and regulated by, the Electoral Commission during this period. This means that donations over £500 have to be verified as permissible, and those over £7,500 published by the Electoral Commission, as required by law.

We have, therefore, set the donation limit to £499 because in a regulated period, any donation for campaign purposes below £500 is considered a small donation, which means that individual donors don’t have to be checked.

Any cheques should be made payable to 'Open Britain Ltd – People’s Vote'.

Please donate what you can to help us raise this total.


If we are lucky enough to meet our target for our European elections battle fund, your contribution won’t be wasted. We will put it into our campaigning for a People’s Vote, as we do with every penny people are generous enough to give.