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Dr Paul Williams – PM actively promoting false claim about NHS ‘Brexit dividend’

The Government’s claim that a spending increase for the NHS will be funded by a ‘Brexit dividend’ has been roundly debunked.

In fact, the forecast health of the public finances has been downgraded by £15 billion, or almost £300 million a week, as a direct result of the Brexit vote.


Commenting, Dr Paul Williams, Labour MP, NHS GP and a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Mrs May is still unable to be honest with the British people about the costs and risks of Brexit.

“She is actively promoting the false claim that any increase in NHS spending will come from a ‘Brexit dividend’ when she must know there is no such thing.

“The reality is clear. Brexit has already led to an exodus of EU staff from the NHS, will cost the UK a divorce bill of at least £40 billion, threatens huge damage to our economy and security, and puts the future of thousands of jobs at risk.

“It cannot be for Theresa May or her Government wants to force a bad Brexit deal on the country. That is why we must have a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”



Notes to editors

The figures on the cost of Brexit to the public finances is taken from Paul Johnson, the Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies:https://twitter.com/PJTheEconomist/status/910033210981072897