Doughty – Now even Lord Lawson admits Brexit a ‘complete mess’ - People's Vote

Doughty – Now even Lord Lawson admits Brexit a ‘complete mess’

Former Leave campaign chair Lord Lawson has used an interview with a French news-site to admit the Brexit process is a “complete mess” and to describe the Prime Minister’s deal as “disastrous”.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:
“Even the architects of Brexit are waking up to the reality of the mess Brexit has already created.

“Lord Lawson considers Brexit to be a ‘complete mess’ and he’s right. The leadership of the Leave campaign promised the British public we could retain all the benefits of our EU membership without shouldering any of the responsibilities.

“Now we know even Lord Lawson thinks Brexit is a mess but he still wants to deny the British public the democratic right to have the final say on what is being proposed. A People’s Vote is the only way to resolve this national crisis. That’s why huge numbers will be marching through London on March 23 demanding that Brexit is put to the people for the final say.”


Notes to editors

Lord Lawson’s comments can be read here.