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Doughty – Nothing but a small and inadequate fig leaf

Commenting on the Government’s announcement on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“What has been announced tonight amounts to nothing but a small and inadequate fig leaf designed to conceal just how far the Government is from meeting the demands of MPs for changes to the withdrawal agreement.

“Indeed, the spectacle of the Government having to publish its own unilateral spin policy - with an interpretation of the deal that the EU cannot endorse - shows just how ludicrous this saga has become.

“Instead of tomorrow being bounced into accepting a half-in half-out Brexit that pleases no one, MPs should reject the deal, step back from the cliff edge and seek real clarity about our future.

“Brexiters regard this as a bad deal because of the backstop. Everyone else knows this is a bad deal, full stop. Now we know the real costs of Brexit and that the promises of the last referendum are being broken, it is only fair for the British people to demand a real say on any final deal.”