Doughty – Ministers failing to assuage fears and concerns of EU citizens in the UK - People's Vote

Doughty – Ministers failing to assuage fears and concerns of EU citizens in the UK

Giving evidence to the Home Affairs committee in Parliament today, immigration minister Caroline Nokes suggested that employers may have to perform their own checks on EU citizens’ right to work in the UK post-Brexit, despite the fact that the Government’s proposed new ‘settled status’ scheme has not yet been fully rolled out.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, member of the Home Affairs committee and leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“The Government has treated the three million EU citizens living and working in the UK abysmally since the very start of the Brexit process. These people, who are our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues and in some cases our family, have had to put up with two years of uncertainty and worry about what their rights will be in the future, and based on today’s revelations, that uncertainty looks set to continue.

“Ministers have singularly failed to assuage the fears and concerns of EU citizens in the UK, and the proposed new ‘settled status’ scheme is already descending into a shambles – if you have an iPhone, for example, you can’t even complete the application, even though this problem was first raised months ago.

“And based on the evidence given today by Caroline Nokes, a minister responsible for immigration, employers and landlords may have no way of assessing whether individual EU citizens have the right to live and work in the UK post-Brexit. The warning signs are already there – with the Brexit clock ticking, the Government has not got a grip of this at all.

“People were promised an efficient new immigration system if they voted to leave the EU, but as with so much of Brexit, what’s being delivered doesn’t match up to what was promised – it’s a mess. That’s another reason why more and more people are calling for a People’s Vote on whatever emerges from the Brexit process – so that the people can have the final say.”