Doughty – If Andrew RT Davies has to go, why does Boris Johnson get to stay? - People's Vote

Doughty – If Andrew RT Davies has to go, why does Boris Johnson get to stay?

The leader of the Conservative group in the National Assembly for Wales, Andrew RT Davies AM, has been forced to resign after attacking Airbus – a major Welsh employer – for its warning over the threat to jobs from the Government’s botched Brexit.

Last week Mr Davies accused Airbus of “hyperbole” and accused them of using Brexit as an excuse to “entertain slashing costs and by extension standards” by warning that a no-deal Brexit could see them leave the UK. He was immediately attacked by fellow Conservative Guto Bebb, defence minister and North Wales MP who insisted Mr Davies was not leader of the Welsh Conservatives and should retract his remarks.


Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Welsh Tories' patience with reckless and irresponsible views on Brexit has plainly run out. The reality of the risk Brexit poses to jobs and investment in Wales is hitting home.

“But if Mr Davies has to quit because of his hostility to business telling the truth about the risk Brexit poses - surely the same question should now be asked about Jeremy Hunt and, above all, Boris Johnson.

“As her own team fight each other in the open in the run up to Chequers, does Theresa May have the courage to boot the enemies of jobs, business and prosperity from her Cabinet?

“The momentum behind the demand for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal is growing daily as more and more information about the costs and risks of Brexit emerge.”