Doughty – Government must comply with instruction to publish No Deal documents - People's Vote

Doughty – Government must comply with instruction to publish No Deal documents

By 11pm tonight, the Government is required to publish ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ documents showing the full expected effect of a disastrous No Deal exit from the EU. So far, the Government is refusing to confirm whether or not they will comply fully with the instruction.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“More and more people, from members of Parliament to members of the public, are concluding that Boris Johnson cannot be trusted on Brexit.

“Parliament has instructed the Government to release the Operation Yellowhammer documents detailing the real-world impact of a scorched earth No Deal, and they must now comply or they will be in contempt.

“Ministers and unelected advisors do not have the right to hide the truth about Brexit from the public. This is a basic question of democracy and trust. Instead of offering patronising explanations about how they don’t want to spread alarm - as Andrea Leadsom did today, ministers should explain why they think it’s patriotic to take decisions they know would make people worse-off and leave them with less opportunities whilst keeping the public in the dark. 

“Instead of allowing Boris Johnson and his Government to hide from the truth, it’s time to trust the people on Brexit and give them the final say with a People’s Vote. That’s the only way to deliver a legitimate solution to the Brexit crisis, and get the clarity to the future of our country that we all need.”