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Doughty – A People’s Vote is the way to protect our security

Commenting on Sir Richard Dearlove’s letter to Conservative associations, Stephen Doughty MP, member of the Home Affairs Committee and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Sir Richard Dearlove is right that the deal is a bad one for our security, but his proposed solution of leaving the EU without any agreement at all would make things even worse.

“As members of the EU we have the European Arrest Warrant available to arrest and extradite terrorism and serious crime suspects, and we have full access to the key databases on crime suspects across Europe that are accessed thousands of times every day by British police forces.

“As soon as we leave the European Arrest Warrant will be weakened as Germany, at the very least, will be constitutionally bound to opt out of extraditions to Britain and we have no long-term guarantee of access to the security data we rely on.

“No one voted to weaken the fight against terrorism or serious crime and this is another reason we need a People’s Vote and the option of keeping all our rights as full members of the EU.”