Did Boris Johnson mislead the House of Commons over checks across the Irish Sea? - People's Vote

Did Boris Johnson mislead the House of Commons over checks across the Irish Sea?

Boris Johnson appears to have misled the House of Commons today, by claiming his Brexit proposals would mean “no checks between Northern Ireland and [Great Britain].”

This directly contradicts what the Brexit Secretary told the House of Lords EU Committee on Monday, when he said firms in Northern Ireland would need to complete exit summary declarations for exports to the rest of the UK.

Julian Smith, the Northern Ireland Secretary, also confirmed today that checks would be required across the Irish Sea, telling the Northern Ireland Committee that "We are talking, there will be some info required, but it’s a minimal amount.”  

The People’s Vote campaign have produced a new video highlighting the contradiction.


Commenting, Anna Turley MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to tell the truth on Brexit.

“While his ministers Steve Barclay and Julian Smith have had to admit the facts - that businesses trading out of Northern Ireland to Great Britain will have to fill out customs forms - Johnson brazenly and shamelessly denied it in Prime Minister’s Questions. You wouldn’t trust him to tell you the time.

“The more this Brexit plan is looked at, the worse it starts to look. No wonder Johnson was so desperate to avoid proper scrutiny of his Brexit law in the Commons.

“Boris Johnson cannot be allowed to force his Brexit on us without proper scrutiny or without the people having the final say. That is why we must have a People’s Vote.”