Danuta Huebner tweet reveals Britain heading for miserable Brexit - worse than current relationship with EU - People's Vote

Danuta Huebner tweet reveals Britain heading for miserable Brexit - worse than current relationship with EU

A member of the European Parliament’s Brexit team, Danuta Huebner, has revealed that the only ‘deal’ the British government is likely to get would be a standard free trade agreement plus a memorandum of understanding between authorities. Huebner’s tweet was lent credibility when it was ‘liked’ by EU deputy chief Brexit negotiator Sabine Weyand.

Chuka Umunna MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Whatever gloss the government puts on any ‘deal’, the truth is this is a miserable Brexit for jobs, for services and for British business. A Free Trade Agreement will be much worse than the current relationship, leaving us outside the single market and the Customs Union with no say in what happens next. It will make Britain a rule-taker with no influence at all and negotiating such an agreement will take years. All it really means is that Brexiters know they can’t find a deal which is acceptable to the British public and now want to leave all the big decisions until after we have left – effectively deceiving the country about the consequences of their plan.

“A no-clue Brexit would blindfold us as we step into a bleak future outside Europe. The Government has already agreed to pay a divorce bill of at least £50 billion – and rising – but it is clear it has secured nothing in return. This is not only a humiliation, but it is a million miles away from what was once promised.

“Those arguing that we face a choice between a no-deal or this no-clue Brexit are offering a false choice. The only real alternative to a miserable Brexit is a People’s Vote.

“Parliament must now reject this no-clue Brexit which is not in the national interest and let the public have a People’s Vote. Britain needs to decide whether the outcome of this disastrous process to take us out of the EU is what we want, or whether the deal we’ve already got in the EU might be better.”



Notes to editors:

  1. Danuta Huebner is Chair of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee. She tweeted: “Difficult to imagine more than FTA plus equivalence plus memoranda of understanding between authorities.” https://twitter.com/danutahuebner/status/1057927973431586816