Customs Union not the solution to all our Brexit worries says think tank report - People's Vote

Customs Union not the solution to all our Brexit worries says think tank report

Research published today by the Center for Cities think-tank has found £78 billion of British exports to EU countries could be at risk under a Customs Union deal that excludes our service sector.

The report considered a future where the 79% of the UK’s economic output covered by the service sector is left out of a customs deal with the EU.
People’s Vote supporter and Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty, said Labour negotiators considering a Brexit deal based on a Customs Union model should be aware that it would still leave important sectors of the economy exposed and vulnerable.
Stephen Doughty said: “With so much focus on the Northern Irish border and the physical movement of goods there is a real danger that we will take our eye off the need to ensure that services are fully covered by any Brexit deal.
“The service sector provides 85% of UK employment and it’s activity is woven into European regulations and standards at every conceivable level. To tear all of that up and replace it with the sticking plaster of a hastily cobbled together Customs Union would be to take a massive risk with millions of people’s jobs and livelihoods.
“To settle on a Customs Union as the answer to all of the problems created by Brexit would be like building a house with no roof, it might look ok from a distance but no one is going to be able to live in it.
“The more the various alternatives to our current deal in the European Union are examined the more they are exposed as massively inferior to what we have already. Now we all know what is on offer whatever emerges from the cross party talks on Brexit or Parliamentary votes in the next few weeks must be put to a public vote for a final say and that vote must give us the option of keeping the deal we already have.”