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raised of a £500,000.00 goal
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If you would like to make a larger donation please make out a cheque to 'Open Britain - People's Vote' and send it to the People's Vote campaign c/o Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP. If you’d like to donate more than £500, or make a donation from a company, please contact us at

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raised of a £500,000.00 goal

We need your help today because the battle for a People's Vote has become the fight of our lives.

Our opponents have deep pockets and low morals. They have already spent £100 million on government propaganda for Brexit. In the coming days Boris Johnson will try every trick in the book to force his disastrous and destructive Brexit on our country without the consent of the people. They will lie and cheat to get their way.

But we have you. Almost everything we do now is entirely paid for by online donations averaging just a few pounds. Crowd-funding has given us the money we need for our marches, our rallies, our advertising, our leaflets and our work in Parliament with MPs.

The People's Vote campaign is powered by the people. And people like you have taken us from the margins of politics to the brink of victory.

We are now entering the most crucial phase of this campaign and we need you more than ever.

Together, we can stop them imposing their Brexit on us, just as we have done before. Together, we will work in communities across the country and, if there is a General Election, key constituencies. Together, we can win a majority in Parliament and in the country for a People's Vote.

Anything you can spare today will be used to fund more highly effective campaigning as we seek to persuade more MPs and more people that a final say referendum is the only way to solve the Brexit crisis.

Please help us win this for our country and for our future.


This money will not go towards any of our activity in a potential General Election. All funds for this are being fundraised for separately.