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raised of a £250,000.00 goal
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Contribution rules

By clicking “Process Donation” I understand I am making a political donation to Open Britain Ltd to help support the People's Vote.

General Election campaign period

During the 2017 General Election, we campaigned as a non-party campaigner, complying and registering fully with the Electoral Commission.

This meant that during the General Election campaign all donations received over £500 had to be verified as permissible, and those over £7,500 published by the Electoral Commission, as required by law.

Now that this period has ended, as of 9 June 2017, we are now in an non-election period, and the below applies.

Outside Election Periods

When we are not in an election period we welcome donations from anyone with an interest in keeping Britain’s future relationship with Europe as strong as possible, this includes individuals and companies based in the UK, Europe and further abroad.

At any time

If you would like to make a larger donation please make out a cheque to 'Open Britain - People's Vote' and send it to the People's Vote campaign c/o Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP. If you’d like to donate more than £500, or make a donation from a company, please contact us at

Gift Aid is not available.

If you agree to these terms, please tick the box below, otherwise your payment will not be processed and the form will reset.

Contributions are not tax deductible.


raised of a £250,000.00 goal

Thanks to your commitment, energy and passion over recent weeks and months, the People’s Vote campaign has gone from strength to strength.

And we’ve recently taken a very significant step forward. With the Government's Brexit deal defeated and Parliament gridlocked, it's clear that the only way forward now is a People's Vote.

Now is the time to take our campaign up to the next level and to get our message out to people across the country. We will spend all the money raised on campaigning in your communities across the country to secure a People's Vote.

We will be delivering leaflets; advertising on social media and in print; and running street stalls in communities up and down the UK. We want as many people as possible to hear our demands for a People's Vote.

Please chip in what you can to make this happen. Together, we can secure a People’s Vote and a better future for our country.