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Creasy – Taxpayers being hit with Brexit divorce bill

The Public Accounts Committee, which provides independent scrutiny of public spending, has warned that the ‘divorce bill’ for Brexit could be significantly higher than the Government’s £35 – 39 billion estimate and that ministers have already ignored £10 billion of costs that will fall on UK taxpayers.

Commenting, Stella Creasy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Every day brings new information about the costs and risks of Brexit that no one could possibly have known two years ago. Now we learn that on top of the £39 billion divorce bill announced by the Government, we could be hit by an additional £10 billion which ministers haven’t bothered to mention.

“The Public Accounts Committee was established specifically to cut through Government spin, and its findings should never be ignored. Every penny spent on the divorce bill is money we cannot spend on teachers, police officers, doctors or nurses. And every penny of cost of the divorce bill will have to be paid for through higher taxes.

“As ministers squabble among themselves, they should remember that for £10 billion we could fund 167,000 hip replacements, purchase 40 challenger tanks for the army as well as 2 new frigates for the navy and 10 fully-equipped Typhoons for the RAF, employ an additional 27,000 primary school teachers and 22,000 secondary school teachers, open 150 new schools and still have some change.

“Brexit has already cost £450m a week in lost growth since the 2016 vote, and now the costs are piling up. As more and more information about the damage Brexit could do to our economy and public services emerges, the demand for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal will grow louder and louder.”