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Creasy – Johnson’s latest spasm more to do with his political interests than national interest

Boris Johnson has written for The Daily Telegraph bemoaning the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposals on Brexit and claiming that it represents ‘waving the white flag’.

Commenting, Stella Creasy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“As ever, Boris Johnson’s latest spasm has more to do with the internal dynamics of the Conservative Party and his own short -term political interests than with the national interest.

"Boris Johnson now appears to take instruction from Steve Bannon, the far-right brains of the Trump campaign in 2016. Each and every move he makes reflects the style of Trump's campaign - not so much dog whistle as fog horn on isolationism, protectionism and whipping up of fear.

“But his article today does at least serve to underline the gap between the Brexit he sold to the British people and the one being negotiated by this panicked government.

“No-one ever said the negotiations would be this much of a mess. No-one ever said we’d be stockpiling food and medicines as the government is now doing. No-one ever said we’d still be following European rules without any say. No-one ever said prices in the shops would already be rising. No-one ever said that nurses and doctors would be leaving. No one ever said we would have to pay £50 billion for ‘diddly-squat’.

The reason they never told us any of this in 2016 is because they never cared about Britain’s future. They only cared about their own future. Now that it’s clear Brexit is becoming a disaster, people like Boris Johnson have walked away and left Theresa May in the hole they helped dig for her.

“No-one wants her Chequers proposals. And the European Union has branded them unworkable. But no-one who is serious wants Britain to slide out of Europe without any deal at all - or some sort of ‘blind Brexit’ where we leave with a holding agreement and none of the big intractable problems resolved.

“Instead, the only way to fix this crisis created by these self-interested Brexiters politicians to hand back control of this process to the public. That is why more and more people from all walks of life and every corner of the United Kingdom hare demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”